Assistance To Music Teachers


Assistance to Music Teachers Provides Financial Support for Retired or Disabled Music Teachers in Need

Application Submission Deadline:  Ongoing

Decision Notification:  Ongoing

Annual Update Form:  September 1

Introduction & Purpose

Theodore Presser was committed to the support of music teachers, mindful of his own early struggles in the profession and with a sense of gratitude for the thousands of teachers who were the primary customers of his publication business.

In 1906, he established the Presser Home for Retired Music Teachers in Philadelphia. When it was no longer practical to maintain an independent facility, The Foundation created the Assistance to Music Teachers Committee to carry on its basic mission of financial support for retired or disabled teachers in need.

Typically, the Committee provides modest monthly stipends as pension supplements or to help with the cost of medical insurance or care. Awards are made to individuals living in the United States whose primary occupation was as a teacher of music. In order to be considered for Assistance, applicants must be nominated by a music institution for consideration.

Nominating institutions should have first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s professional accomplishments and personal circumstances, either directly as current or former employers, or through professional or community contacts. The later might include institutions that know the applicant through competitions, master classes or ensembles sponsored by the institution that the applicant’s students may have participated in over the years, or through regional professional associations or organizations.


Additionally, applicants:

    1. Must have had a significant career as a music teacher, as evidenced by the sponsoring institution and additional letters of support from qualified professionals.

    2. Should generally be of retirement age and in serious financial distress; that is, to have significant financial need not able to be satisfied by his or her assets nor by those of other family members.

    3. Must submit their most recent federal tax return, with all schedules.

    4. Must submit a complete application form.

Online Grant Management

The Presser Foundation uses an online grant management system powered by Foundant. The system allows for all prospective and current grantees to submit proposals and reports online.


Access Forms

The Presser Foundation understands that some applicants may prefer to communicate with the Foundation using traditional paper forms.  Recipients of support and applicants may use these documents to correspond with The Foundation.

Assistance Application Form

 2017-18 Assistance Update Form



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